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Report - Austin Texas - 15th June 09


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With great excitement the Hobie and I set out for our first American adventure together. Headed out to a small lake called Settlement Lake at Round Rock, about 15 minutes from my house.

Cast and trolled alternatvely for a with very little luck, the wind picked up so I just drifted with it with a spinnerbait trolling behind me. I saw what I thought was a strike so I grabbed and set the hook. Unfortunately it was either some snag or I missed. Started to wind it in to check for weed tangles and BOOF! drag starts peeling.

I quickly set the hook and upped the drag as it felt like a solid fish, *SPLASH* the fish jumps clear out of the water, and it looks like a bass. After 3 or 4 more awesome sets of acrobatics I got him up to the kayak and he started swimming straight down. After hauling him back upa few times I finally managed to get the grips in his mouth and pulled him aboard.

A beautiful Bass, prett sure a Large Mouth, and measuring in at a hefty 47cm ( or 18.5 inches to my new american neighbours ). Of course I gave him a kiss on the lips and sent him swimming away.



The wind was pretty strong by this time so Casting wasn't much fun so I decided to try out a Carolina Rig with a 3" gulp. After some drifting around my rod loaded up and I quickly pulled in my first American Catfish.



Stoked with my catches I headed home.

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rayke1938 wrote:

Paul thanks for report a couple of good sized fish to start off with, THe tail structure on the bass seems a little smaller than ourd. How do they fight in comparison?

Do the catfish have spines?



Thanks mate! the fight was really intense, but it's been like 3 months since the last good bass I caught ( the hinz dam camp ) so it probably felt better than it really was :)

pretty sure the catfish have spines here, but I chose not to investigate too closely.

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