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Straddy 13th 14th June 2009


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Well the kayak trip got replaced by for some high speed thundercat action.

A mate brought his speed machine over and my god what a blast.I cant remember being so scared exited tired and still looking for more.

On the fishing front we only managed a few tiddlers out at Amity but it was a great weekend and good to finally have Leanne join Zara and I for a fish.

Pics to follow

P.S the pics do not show how crazy that boat is but I can post up a web site where they had a pro photographer at one of his race meets if you want [img size=500

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ellicat wrote:

Great weekend for it Mal. Would be keen for a look at the website.

Any spills off it we should know (laugh) about ?


This is the website

And Brian he got me in the boat and said put your feet in here and hang on to this rope then just nailed it out through the surf no warning of what to expect and we hit the second wave and we flew through the air and I nearly shat amazing stuff.

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