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Scarborough Fires - 70cm Flathead Finally


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Well it has taken some time, but finally cracked it for a 70cm lizard. My 6yo had his sports carnival on today, which finished at 1.30pm. I picked him up and asked him what he wanted to do. After getting his first plastic caught flathead last Sunday, he immediately said "fishing". No need to twist my arm.

Got down to the Scarborough rockwall around 2.30pm. Did the same arrangement, where we took turns with my soft plastic outfit. First spot we tried (around 6th or 7th cast) something took the plastic early in my retrieve (a fair way out). Took off fast and didn't seem to play like a flathead. After a good tussle and a couple of heart-stopping moments at the net, landed my first flathead of 70cm (my Holy Grail).

Bugger me if about 3 casts later my 6yo gets a good hit and brings a 54cm one to the net. Couple of smaller ones as well. All on the 3" Gulp Shrimps.

Got back to pick up my youngest at 4pm, so a good little session. Photos are attached (I hope). I don't have a professional brag mat, but I guarantee the bumps in the fish matched up to the bumps in the ruler and it was 70. Trust me ;-).

Have a good week,

Stewie. [img size=500

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