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Whats the best lure to use in the Brisbane River?


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To catch what?

Thats a very broad question also heavily weighted on personal opinion and preferance...

For example if you were targeting Bream I would personally use little hard bodies, Saemi's, SX40's etc.

If I was targeting flatties I would throw plastics in 3 to 5 inch.


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Try flicking some GULP.

2 imch shrip are good.

3 & 4 inch minnows.

I like the 3 inch grub tails as well.

I prefer colours like new penny, pumpkin seed, pearl white. But bright colours like Nuke Chook are popular as well.

These style of plastics will really leave the door pretty wide open to what you may catch.

Use a jig head based on the current, so if its fast something heavier like a 1/8th but if the tide is turning and you have some slack water go with something lighter.


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