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Watersnake bow mount installation


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Hi all,

picked up my 44lb bow mount watersnake from Plugger yesterday (cheers mate!)

unfortunately the manual/instructions are worse than horrible and just about useless. not having installed a motor before and not being too awesome at this kind of thing, I was wondering if anyone with experience mounting these motors would be willing to show me how its done?

I would take you up on your offer plugger but its not really convenient for either of us being so far away haha

So if anyone around the brisbane city/western suburbs areas wants a bonus six pack of your choosing let me know :D



edit: forgot to ask, is it worth taking to coorparoo marine or somewhere like that and paying for them to install it? i really dont want to muck around myself and get it wrong, so if nobody can help out would this be a viable (and cost effective) solution?

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G'day Mate

have you got a bow mount (mount) fitted on your boat or are you going to bolt it straight to the gunhal (spelling)

They are pretty easy to install, just position so that the shaft can be fully vertical (shaft in the downposition) mark the holes drill and bolt up. It is not that nessesary to get all holes drilled but if you have at least 4 bolted up, it is not going any where. Just remember that when the water snake is in the rest position, make sure that there is nothing that will hit or be in the way,a s they wont fold up all the way.

Im in the Forest Lake area, I can help if need be, though I dont have many tools at home.

When I screwed mine up on my old boat I just used tek screws, Worked a treat, But I would recomend a quick realese bracket so you can put it on and off..


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i have a bow mount on the boat and also have a quick release bracket. is it simply a matter of bolting the small part of the quick release bracket to the bow mount, then bolting the motor to the large part of the bracket?

i guess im most worried about angles, as the bow has rails and i dont think i'd be able to perfectly line the motor shaft with the centerline of the boat. but some pictures i've seen make me think this isn't hugely important?

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thanks ray and feral but i think i'm going to take it to coorparoo marine and see if they can fit it for me

might sound wimpy but i don't trust myself to drill holes and fit it all when i might screw it up, the $ in labour will be worth it for my piece of mind haha

plus the design of my bow mount might make it a little difficult, i will have to see what they say about it down there :S

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