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A quick report on Noosa


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G'day Guys,

Just noticed I haven't been posting many actually fishing reports so I've got a few photos stored up so here goes.

Been living in Noosa now for 4 months and loving it, relocated from Adelaide and the fishing difference is huge! Been getting into the trevally alot latley and got my first tuna which went 5kg on Sunday Morning on 4kg only a mactuna but still buzzed me out, well here's some photos. Ill make sure I start posting up to date posts up here as I'm usually on the water 4 or 5 times a week.

First Tuna;


Double Hook Up on G.T's;


Old Boy's First Diamond Trevally;


Old Boy's First Golden Trevally;


A 68cm Jewie I caught;


A good little G.T I caught;


Just a tiny G.T;


And Lastly My First Ever Jack;


Sorry guys if this comes off as a brag post but I thought I would give a quick update of the fish I've caught here lately and sorry if their only small and not so highly regarded but these little trevally really buzz me out getting em on poppers! Thanks again guys and hopefully have some reports soon of some bream and trevally and tailor etc. from Noosa!

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