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safety chains


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hi guys top site

lookin at a second saftey chain to stop the boat runing forward over the winch post

if hit up the bum or having to stop quick is this over kill?? or a good thing for all

boats seen them set up on bigger boats,

thanks dan

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she'll be right mate! if mine ever comes off, i'm going to just keep driving :laugh:

if you get shunted up the arse, that person had better run like hell. :laugh:

ask patty what happened when he got hit up the arse!!!!

only problem is finding mounts strong enough to withstand a good shunt, as the setup you've see are held in place by cut bits of chain welded to the trailer....

gotta be time for some prawns soon ay.

lets go a trip to the logan for some of those jewies hey, next moon. will keep in touch. cya rob

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