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bit of a mixed report


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Well havent been catching too much lately, probably due to the fact i havent been fishing haha. Well been working at straddie but the 10 hr days just dont allow me time/energy to go fishing at night after work so only went once this week when we finished early :)

Not much in the way of fish, watched kingies swim right past baits while watching the whales and dolphins so wasnt too worried, was good to finially just chill out anyway. At the same spot there was plenty of life patrolling the eadge of the rocks but could only get one hundry bream, my pb:) not sure on exact length but was juat short of 35 and really really really fat compared to every other surf bream ive ever caught, usually they are skinny as.


So with nothing biting wandered over to another spot and foul hooked some random fish that look somewhat like a boney bream cross with a dart, dunno what it was but the hook was through his eyes and in his cuts (ganged hooks) and he died trying to release him, so cut him up and casted out to feel a small hook up then put on some weight a we were away! soon realised it wasnt a fish because in between runs it was just a big heavy dead weight guessed it was a stingray and after a good 15 minutes got to see him and was a 6ft shovelnose!!! was the most massive fish id ever seen on the end of a line! anyway released him and suddenly realise i didnt take a photo...friggin idiot. Dead from then.

Got my new rod n reel for mainly placcies with some hardbodys to be used aswell. For those wandering i got a Phluguer trion 2-4kg 7ft rod with a shimano sienna reel and 4lb fireline crystal. I was lazy and didnt take it fishing until today but here is a photo of me playing the day I got it :)


Then today had to christen the rod and i took her for a swim down on the hornibrook flats several dropped fish any only one caught a JUST legal flattie coming in at 40cm on a 2inch shrimp in new penny. also had quite a scare when a 50ish across stinray swam right past me in knee deep water and then later realised that i had been standing next to one a tiny bit smaller for a good 10mins :( scary stuff haha. But i gotta admit fishing light is great fun :)


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Yeah i love the rod already haha and yeah i was fishing on the "lower platform" near razor and whale rock looking south.

Doing some plastering, will finish the job this week but have another 3-6 smaller jobs so another couple weeks at least yay :)

Never thought it could be a tarwhine, might explain the very rounded head

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