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When will tackle fall back to sane levels?


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I know the answer is probably never.

About a month after the aussie dollar crashed from around 95 US cents in November last year down to 61 US cents the price of tackle skyrocketed. e.g. The price of a Tyrnos 30 went from $270 to $370. Completely fair enough, more expensive to import.

The problem is that the dollar is now back over 80 US cents, so logically prices should come down. Are we likely to see this happen or are the importers and distributors going to pocket the extra profits?

The aussie dollar has followed a similar cycle against the japanes yen and chinese yuan.

Also with China's massive economic downturn one would think that due to increased competition manufacturing costs would also be down. Correct me if I am wrong, but aren't most of shimano and daiwa's offerings manufactured in China? (I know that some of the high end stuff is still made in Japan.)

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To be fair some of the smaller importers got really caught with their pants down when our dollar went west last time and lost a lot of money when they suddenly had to find funds to pay for new orders that were placed in US dollars when the exchange rate was near parity and suddenly it was only worth 60c.

Remember they will all be holding some old stock that they will not wish to loose money on and the same with the retailers.

I know its a hard call to make with some lures that you pay $18 each for here in a tackle store and you can land them in Au for around $12. You have to consider whether it is worth while being able to get good service and advice from your local or purchase elsewhere and put him out of business.



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i was looking for a rod there so i can just bring my reels. but i found your prices exorbitant. it was cheaper for me to send a rod there from here. but i am looking for a small graphite rod for throwing the smaller plastics. but your baitcasting rods are EXPENSIVE. i got my father in laws reel here for 120 i looked up the same reel there and it was 220 for a 3000 size. and i got him the 4000 size(for surf). does anyone know a good place to get a decent 6'6 spinning rod for plastics? i prefer a 7' but thats difficult to find also. and 140 dollars for a daiwa exceler rod is a bit much when i can get em here for 40

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