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Experimenting at Bulimba


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G'day all,

I went down to BCF to restock some tackle yesterday afternoon and got talking to one of the fellas, good talk, and I thought I would try some new tackle setups and having a crack at hunting jewies with sp's. :huh:

Since I don't have a boat, I am shorebound and using sp's to catch jewies sounded a bit like mission impossible. I decided, after a bit of advice, to run with storm 4" glow-in-the-dark shads. To back up this experiment however, I used my larger rod with 8/0 circle hooks with spider hitch/knots(?) to secure a couple of hooks above the sinker. I tried whole pillies with this setup.

So off I trundled down to Bulimba Yacht Club for dusk/dark fishing. It was very crowded down there to start with, a lot of fellas came down for dusk, but after a while I was the only one there. It was fantastic weather for it, just as well, as I didn't get a thing on the sp's! The pillies fared little better, with a few small bites but no hook-ups.

I ended up leaving at about 1915, it was a couple of hours of negative reporting really, however I am actually a bit happy with it all, as I actually went out to target a specific fish, and even though I didn't nab it, I also didn't catch any other species :P . This might sound a bit like glorifying a loss, but I think maybe I'm on the right track. After all, it's easy enough to go out and chuck on a medium hook on generic tackle with prawns and hook up at least one bream, small or otherwise!

Anyway, I guess time will tell if I am right or not! By the way, does anyone have any idea where I can get largish prawns for bait other than servo prawns? The servo prawns are too small for the most part, and I need to find some larger ones that are cost-effective!



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