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Searing Tackle/Damiki Lures


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Was just having a look over the searing site and went to see if I could order some things, but there are no prices on the site itself, or on the product catalogue you download ?

I've only seen a very limited selection of damiki lures in BCF, and none of the newer ones.........


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hi Yoyo

if your local stores does not have the Damiki products you want, just send me a PM and the what you are after and i will give you prices. If your local does not have Damiki in them and you think they should, let them know, they never sign up for new products unless people ask them.

BCF stock the MU-SP, MU45, Arowana topwaters,Vault 35, Vault 55 and soon the Vault 42 and also the new saemi hardbodies.

Brissi has very limted coverage at the moment, but i am working on it.

tight lines


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try looking on www.motackle.com.au that should give you a pricing of around what things will be selling for.

i went to tackle warehouse today and they had restocked there were tonnes of lures i am pretty sure i saw some damiki lures.

hope you find what you are looking for

cheers chaz

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