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Help? Hobart Bream in the Snow - Aug 2009


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hello! i'm finding myself in Hobart for 4 Days this August and as i'll have my light spinning rod with me, there's some fishing that can be done in the extreme cold of a tassie winter.

is anyone familiar at all with Hobart?

and any tips for light, land based fishing fun?

because i have less than no idea. and in fact i only looked at it on a map a few days back! "people live there?????" crazy..

seriously tho, the way its shaping up, sx40's are gonna find their way into the blue around battery point and just north of there. there has to be black bream in some form of another. these are preferrably the primary target.

so, if you are enlightened with quality info, let it flow, otherwise please insert some geographical styled jokes abut tasmanians and who they marry!



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hey mate

just saw this post

generally in winter the bream are less active and to be honest i have never fished the derwent in winter. i have caught some stonkers (2kg) at the bowen bridge running hardbodies out from the rockwall walkway thingy that was in december though but there should still be some there they might just be not as active

at that time the sea run trout should be going so you never know you might catch a few of them.

check out www.tasfish.com its got some pretty good info on there

here is some info on the derwent

if you were going in december, jan or feb i could have been alot more help.

Im going over in januray and jeb next year for the ABT comps and to see my grandparents

let me know if you need anymore info

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here you go mate

the green rectangle is where you fish, there is a walkway along the left side of the causway then about 10m of clear water whch then gives way to massive weedflats cast 45 degrees infront and out and run a hardbody back towards you. Also try vibes and plastics something like a 6" camo sandworm should get eaten if there is a bream around there.

and if you dont catch a bream you should get a heap of small brown trout haha

its the bowen bridge at bridgewater by the way [img size=473

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You sir, have made the xmas card list!

brown trout in the salt is an interesting one.

thanks for the effort guys!!

*edit* that tasfish is an excellent site .. i got some quotes for a guide to take me fishing but most seemed to want in excess of $400.. screw that .. it would want a happy ending for that much cash.. i'll do my own guiding

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