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Jumpinpin Report 20/06/2009


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Hi All,

I've been a member of AFO for a couple of months, but this is my first post on the site. Have really enjoyed reading the member reports and thought I could give a quick run down on a recent trip to the Pin:

Left the Redland Bay marina around 5:30am last Saturday to try and get into some tailor on the last of the early morning incoming tide. Finally got out to the Pin bar before 6:00am and was fishing soon after. Was fishing with pilchards - 1 rod with a floating pilly and 2 rods with bait on the bottom. The SE wind was stronger than I anticipated and with the swell, was making fishing difficult. Had no hookups for the first 30 mins and by this stage the tide was running out quite hard. After increasing the lead on my rig I managed to get the bait to the bottom and landed a flathead measuring 46cm and soon after a bream measuring 28cm.

By 7:00am the wind was even stronger and I could see that rain was not far off. We up'd anchor and moved into Tiger Mullet Channel to get some protection from the wind. The rain then came and pelted us for about 20 minutes. We switched to lighter rigs and were using peeled king prawn pieces on long shanked hooks. It wasn't long before another flathead (51cm) was boated as well as a dozen or so bream of which two were kept for a feed (27cm and 31cm). We left for home about 10am with five fish in the esky for dinner.

Although I didn't get to tangle with any tailor, it was still great to get out and catch a few flathead and bream.

Apologies for not having any photos of the catch, wasn't game to take out the girlfriend's camera with the forecasted rain! :unsure: I will ensure that I take the camera out for any future trips.

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Welcome to the site dude :) and its awesome that your first post is a report too :) Definitely sounds like a good day. Out on the water, caught dinner and back on dry land by lunch... thats awesome.

The olympus waterproof cameras are the best cameras to buy for fishing and other water stuff. I love mine.

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