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The river last night


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So got down to Colmslie at about 8:30 to a beautiful night. Not a breath of wind and a HUGE King Tide. Thanks to a fellow fisher i got the cast net going and with a few livies in the bucket, i was in a good mood.

15 minutes passes and an old fella rolled down with a net, second cast he landed on a threadie, 60cm i recon, u would not believe it!

Within another 15 mins my live mullet got smashed, hooked it well and saw a few splashes? another min later and *ping* the line went slack, was a good thing whateva it was, bitten through 30lb leader. Prob Bullie?

Not much after that but great nite. Thanks to the guy that showed me cast netting if your out there.... Now that i can get bait lets hope i find more time to wet a line....


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i feel your pain ... imagine how embarassing it would have been if you were trying to spread a 6 foot net, and failed ... to top it off ... snagged it ... yup ... snagged it after a few casts ... took my first swim in the brissie river :laugh: ...

here's a shout out to the fellas who taught me too ... namely ... the fellas who cast nets at newstead and 5Farco ... certaintly not your best student ... but thanks heaps :)

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