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1 Metre Queenie in Noosa


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Well guys, I still can't believe it! Went out this arvo in hope of a trevally or tailor. We saw some bust ups next to the boat so I told the old boy to flick his lure in there and hang onto his 4kg outfit. It hits the water and in a matter of seconds the line shoots off. Big screaming first run. Then no weight....NO! But all it had done was just swim towards us, so he quickly cranked in the metres and felt the weight again, it turned its head and powered off again! This time it wasn't slowing down, I could see his braid going very quickly, so I quickly started the motor and chased this bad boy, finally after about 15 minutes we finally saw colour, still couldn't tell what it was though, but it was big! By the body shape it looked like a big G.T. Then Finally he turned its head up and we both were shocked! "F****** QUEENIE!!!!!" I sent the net in but it would fit, I tried again but it got it's head out again, third time was the charm!

90cm to the Fork;


All of 5-6kg of Queenie;


Yet another Shot;


The release shot;


Also it was released to fight another day!

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