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Who will be at Brunswick on Thursday nite


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Just wondering who is going to be at the "Ferry Reserve Park" on the Thursday ???

We'll be there about lunchtime.

If there are a few of us we might be able catch up for a BBQ and a few drinks (maybe a little friendly SABOTAGE on the BLUES) ;);) and discuss tatics.

Bungs , what bungs :laugh: :laugh:

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was meant to be there Thursday morning /lunch time ,but they changed my days with the move of dates.so will be there Friday hopefully before 10 am.

i was going to ring them and make them change it so it what back to thursday to sunday .

but looks like we will be a guy down at work all week and he is the gets things done .second to the boss guys .so my guess is it's going to be a shit week ,with the rest of us taking up the extra.

so its a friday ,saterday ,sunday .with a monday there to relax and get over the weekend .

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