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offshore gold coast today


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headed out at bout 8ish thru the seaway to hit the 18-22 fathom grounds gor a soft plastics bash water was clear and current was slow so goin was a bit tough for the good fish . i find when the water is clear and the current is slow the bigger fish seem to be a bit hard to excite with the plastics so i decided to go as light as i could and down to a 8lb leader to start with the bait sitting 3 m off the bottom and the bigger fish on top i dropped the 5" minnow right to the bottom and then retreived to bout 5m off the bottom took a while but was rewarded with a school of trevelly one after the other for bout 5 drops as we drifted off that school we hit a school of quality tailor 4 from 4 drops ranging from 55 to 60 cm great fun on the baitcaster the weather was perfect and the fish were great fun many boats were out but we seemed to be the only boat pulling up fish all up a good day fishing B)

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