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1.1 meter threadfin on a kayak


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I was determined to finally crack the meter Threadfin after months of sub 90cm fish. Bought Troy's kayak off him today to give the Pipeline a good floggin' since the average size of fish is well over a meter.

After 45 minutes of constant casting I felt a sharp tap on the drop and struck twice. The fish went ballistic and ran straight away from kayak then after a 15 meter run it turned around and ran straight back at me. I cranked as fast as I could to keep up with it. It went straight under kayak towards the mouth running up current.

My 70 meters of 20lb line disappeared fast and I was down to backing. Tightened the drag up and manged to gain a few meters of braid back onto the spool. The fish ran around the anchor rope which wasn't making it easier. Fought it out for another 15 minutes before the fish was lying spent next to the kayak. Some other fishoes saw me fighting the fish and came to help for a photo. After a few pics the fish was released.


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Angus wrote:

Good fish Matt. I was wondering if Troy would ever use that Yak again :P

Thanks Angus, Yeah Troy didn't use it for a while so I asked him if i could buy it. Very happy with it, :)

shortie wrote:

uv gotta be k-iii-ding

Nah im not...

Brian D wrote:

nice catch - good fishing skills too,well done.

Thanks mate, much appreciated

Davo_Dinkum wrote:

nice .

u got to be ripped about it .

bet u got a grin for ear to ear for a month.

Thanks dude, very happy.

Biggles wrote:

Congratulations and welcome to kayak "Metre Plus Club".



Never knew there was a club, very nice. My first kayak fish and it was a meter. :) :) :)

Thanks Matt

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