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For Lee! (Fish Mad Pomme).


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If you want to research western suburbs.

I like -


Auchenflower (Johnny)



Toowong (Me)



St Lucia




Chapel Hill


Fig Tree Pocket



Kenmore Hills

Jambaree Heights (Ash)

Mate also check out www.realestate.com.au very comprohensive.

And if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask.

It is my job after all!!



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Comments before Angus post in the old thread:


looks like we are still about 6 - 9 months away but then my contract runs our for my work in 3 months so if im forced to sign again then it might be up to a year but one things for sure ill be there !

hopefully i can just work on a rolling month contract then it should be quicker dave. Looking forward to meeting up too with all you boys

any particular western suburbs angus ???

anyone else got suggestions to nice family suburbs in/around brizzy ??

i got me map so i can start looking !


It depends where you are planning on working mate, Brisbane is loaded with nice family suburbs it also depends on how much you are willing to pay for a house. Angus can helpyou there. But please note be carefull buying a house built in the last 5 or 6 years cause the drought is causeing a bit of havic. We shall organise a Fully Aussie BBQ get together soo after you get here.



Be worth your while just renting at the start. Then you can get to know the place, and see where your working, fishing etc etc. A good house or unit will set you back between $200 and $300 a week in rent, bond is 4 weeks rent.
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If you go west, just avoid Forest Lake, they have a wee termite problem. Termites are a type of off-white underground ant (probably not scientifically correct, but gives a good idea of what they are) thet eat wood, and particulary pine framed lowset houses where the chemical treatment was dodgy!

If you intend to build thats fine, ignore the warning. Its just whilst a lot of this estate was being built, there was a lot of dodgy pest controllers around, and this estate is full of termites!(They are everywhere in Queensland, but the chemicals and physical barrier systems keep them out when done properly.)

The number of affected houses is small overall, but the risk if you end up with one is very expensive repairs.

Edit: Angus, with a name like yours - how could you use the words Pom and scotland in the same sentence in the title of this thread!

DO NOT Double Post. If you want to add something more to the thread, and no one has responded since your last post, EDIT your last post! DO NOT make another post.

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sorry i got ya all in trouble earlier just got invlolved in freindly chat and then next thing i got you all in the sin bin

wont do it again honest !!! ( well ill try not too anyway ):pinch:

thanks for the info to all, ill go away and start to study the western suburbs/areas

when you say steer clear of forest lake area i take it then new builds in brick will be okay though and just the wood builds are effected feral ??

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Feral that wasnt clear guess.

My point was to have a little stab at the poms from a Scot.

I know the difference :P

Lee ever been Pike fishing in Scotland.

Its the best fresh water fishing i have everdone.

These pike are huge!


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FISH_mad_POM wrote:

when you say steer clear of forest lake area i take it then new builds in brick will be okay though and just the wood builds are effected feral ??

No, most of them are what is called \"brick veneer\", they have a wood frame, usually pine which termites love. If you get what they call double or cavity brick, means no wood frame which would be ok.

You do get the occasional steel framed house, then only the window sills etc are at risk.

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