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Fishing Goodna area - advice wanted!


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Hi All

I have been looking for a quick easy place to drop the kayak in near home after work but the boat ramp around Jindalee has way to many ski boats so I decided to head up river and found a little spot at Goodna near Gailes golf course.

The river bends around there and to my surprise there is an old mine quarey that has been flooded by the river, it just looks really fishy! I am heading up there tonight ….has anyone had any success around that area?

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are you talking about the little lake on the opposite side of the ramp? thats priors pockect was going to be some sort of water development that never took off. good spot for bullies in the mouth and holds a fair bit of bait if your netting from a boat, wouldnt try cast netting land based though if you want to get your net back

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nah bait mate,

I cast netted some shrimp, caught 2 threadies that mornin on bait (shrimp) and a flathead on gulp worm in bloodworm (SP).

The pic is about 9 months old, taken at the mouth of the dam/lake thing, outgoing tide.

I was only fishing for half an hour at about 8 am in the morn.

Priors Pocket.

The area goes off if they are about.

cheers :)

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Need some help!

I have been going well on the fishing front as of late but over the past four sessions I have pulled a doughnut every time!!! I have been hitting up the Goodna area near the boat ramp and at the mouth of the mini dam that is near the boat ramp. The tide rips along that stretch and my thinking is that if I was a fish I would seek refuge in or at the mouth of the inlet or the little creek right at the boat ramp. I have been using mask/metal vibes, Squidgy wrigglers with S factor, Atomic Prongs…even had a stab at poppers in the shallow water….to no avail!

There is a lot of bait fish jumping around there in the mornings and occasionally I have witnessed some big boofs on the surface and I still cant seem to even get a touch!!! So frustrating!

I am thinking of even returning to bait fishing!!! OMG God forbid!!!

The water is very muddy, will plastics be effective?

Any help and advice would be good!


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let us know when u next going down .

i live close to goodna boat ramp side .

not many skiers there dan.

it's a steep ramp .

not the best ramp about

i have not had much luck there on sp's or hb's .

but do ok on bait there.

landbased at ramp or out in the tinny .

i find the dam/lagoon a good spot to go if it's a real windy day .

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I caught a good flathead just outside the mouth of that dam on a berkely worm in color bloodworm red.

Suprised me a lot, I think you have a task on your hands there as the water is still very muddy since the storms, but if you seen bait fish and surface movement I would not give up, that is a very good sign that the bait is moving in and out of the area.

I think this will be a case of persistance pays off.

good luck

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Thanks F Hardcore

Yes, the water is very muddy so I was thinking vibes would be the way to go but to no cigar as yet.

The water gets pretty shallow at the mouth of the lagoon with lots of small baitfish going everywhere so I was hoping for a flatty or three.

When I get the boat I am going to get the cast net out and russle of some livies...then lets see who is home!

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