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Stanage bay


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Hi guys, i have planned a trip to Stanage bay over christmas for 10days. Will be taking two tinnies up for the trip both 4.5m. Will be mainly focusing on muddies, barra etc etc estury species and doing some long trips to the numerous trips surrounding stanage bay. If the weather gods are nice, i will head to some close inshore reefs along with islands chasing pelagics and reef species. If not, i plan on booking a charter boat and doing some bottom bashing for red fish.

Just wondering if anyone has been here before? and had some suggestions on areas or tackel or baits. I'm originally from Mackay however have never ventures south before. I understand the road can be bad going in, however have taken this into consideration. Will be hiring a house for the 10days so should be comfortable and able to get a good night sleep.

Any suggesitions would be great


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make shure all the nuts and bolts are tight on your trailer there are 23 cattle grids

between the highway and stanage bay

be bloody carefull going near some of the passages between the islands in tinnys

a 10 knot current with 6foot pressure waves happens between some of the islands on the bigger tides (up to 16 meters, biggest tides on the east coast)

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