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Fishing Report From Last Few Weeks


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  • 2 weeks later...


I had Peter back again and this time he booked on Roger and Tim. We launched at Noosa today and were straight into the fish spinning up some mack tuna at the shark nets for bait. We went to my bait grounds to try and jig up some bait as well as fish for snapper on the soft plastics. No big snapper today like Sunday morning and only a few yakkas on the jig, a legal moses perch and a few baby snapper on the plastics. We headed out wide and were into them straight away. The trag jew were still biting. After a few drifts we had three drops with the anchor to get it right and then didn't have to move for about two thirds of the day. The snapper kept coming on the floaters as did the trag off the bottom and the odd one on a floater as well. We kept our limit and then only kept badly damaged ones such that I ended up with a few to take home myself. Eventually the wind sprung up from the north and swung us off the mark. We we re-anchored and kept catching them and left them biting. We also ended up with a couple of bonus pearl perch in the catch.



Headed up to Waddy Point Sunday night in Kym's 26' Grady White cat. There was just me and Conor aboard hoping to get into some black marlin and sailfish on the ocean side of Breaksea Spit. We had birds/bait/dolphins in all the good areas and didn't see a single marlin or sailfish. Heaps of whales were sighted though. We concentrated our efforts on the area just north of the 13mile gutter but only ened up getting a couple of mackerel bites, a wahoo bite and a tuna bite with a spanish mackerel and mack tuna the only things coming aboard the boat.


Mitch organised for him and Caleb to do a day with me offshore during the school holidays. With the boys staying at Sunshine Beacha and the tides right for doing the Noosa bar I decided to put in at the Thomas St boat ramp Noosaville. We headed to my bait spot to try and jig up live yakkas and slimey mackerel. I got the boys going on the soft plastics and not long after Caleb was away. Straight away I thought big sweetie or snapper but then this thing took some serious string so I pulled in the drift anchor and started backing up. I was thinking tuna then it settled down with less runs and I was back to thinking snapper. Sure enough it was a cracking 79cm fish. A good way to christen the new 4000 Twinpower reel loaded with 20lb Platypus braid. To prove it wasn't a fluke he followed up with a 76cm fish about two drifts later. Mitch came through with a nice pan size 39cm fish but the wind never let up hampering our efforts. We tried a few spots but in the wind it was hopeless. We came back into Laguna bay and the boys had a fun time spinning up countless mack tuna. Just waiting on the pics of the snapper.


Today Blair booked me for a full day with his mate Allen coming along as well. We started on a big patch of bait which helped me fill the tank. Our next spot allready had a boat sitting on it and we could only fish around the edges of the structure and did no good only getting a few grinners. One spot was 8Nm away or another was 18Nm. Luckily I took the long option as we couldn't go wrong with 3 or more trag jew coming up every drift. After a few drifts I put the anchor down and started berleying. First drop on the baitrunner and half way down in 57m of water it gets smashed by a nice snapper around the 7kg mark which I hand off to Allen. Very next drop and same thing. I get the bite and start playing with something much bigger than the 7kg one. It took around 15m of 10kg line and I am guessing something like a 8kg or 9kg snapper. Unfortunately the hooks pulled after I handed it over to Allen. We missed a couple of other good hits on the baitrunner but nothing as big as the first two bites. We bag on trag and then it is time to head in.


These are Josh's pics that finally made it to me from the 10/9/09.








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Here are those snapper pics plus some others.

Tues Arvo

Headed out with Kym Lynch and family on their 26' Grady White cat to chase a marlin or sailfish before the SCGFC meeting which are held the first Tuesday of the month at the Kawana Waters Hotel. We found a nice school of slimey mackerel that were up high in the water column but were hard to keep on in the wind and current and they were zipping around as well. It was a small school and all we could pull off it was this cracking good gold spot estuary cod caught by Conor on 8kg breaking strain line on gamefish tackle.


Tues Morning

Rob booked me in to come out with a couple of mates for a soft plastics assault on the snapper and they wanted to be in by 8:30 to head to work on time. It has been a tough year this year on snapper but Rob who bought his own gear cleaned the boys up catching all but one these fish. Just goes to show fishing lighter is the go as he was on 12 or 15lb braid and I use 20lb on charter but it can be a technique thing as well.


Noosa Snapper from the other day.







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Sunday and Monday


Mick booked me for a full day and along with him were Des and Mitchell. We started out soft plasticing but did no good, only getting a few livies for the tank. We started heading north to head to the spot I wanted to fish and progressevily got slowed down as we started punching a 15-20knot NW wind. Eventually we got there and on the second hang we grabbed and were perfect for the current. The fish bit continuosly with undersize pearl perch and snapper the main culprits. First fish to the boat was a cobia to Mitchell and a while later a much bigger one came aboard to Des. Des dropped a second one while Mitchell kept pulling a steady procession of trag jew. Mick got a legal pearly and a trag in there and Des got a moses perch. With the wind swinging to the NE it moved us off the mark and freshening to 20knots plus it was an easy call to come in a bit earlier and call it a 3/4 day.



Phil T was back with Dallas for a full day. We started off soft plasticing in 23m with Dallas landing a 62cm grass sweetlip as the first fish to the boat. A procession of nice pan size squire came over the side then Dallas was on again, this time a 58cm grassy. Phil downsized to a 3/8th jighead with immediate results and the bigges squire of the session you could call a snapper. With a tank of livebaits we headed wider to try for a cobia. They didn't play the game so we headed for the kingfish spot. They were on with a rat released to Phil on his new Daiwa Saltiga reel, Shimano Blue Rose spin outfit then next drift Dallas hooked a keeper on the livey. Next up Phil latched onto something that yeilded drag and gave him a test on the 400gram Chaos jig.



Dallas kept them coming on bait but Phil pulled the better quality on the jigs. We bagged out then let a few go before deciding to try for other things. After a bit of moving trying ledges for AJs and reefs for pearlies which all proved undersize we finally found a nice bit of country. This was a good move and first drop of the plastic on a 1 1/2oz TT jighead this snapper jumped on. It gave the Daiwa Certate reel, Loomis Pro Blue rod a bit of a workout.



A good pearly on the plastic then it was time to come home.



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