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Give away to lousy home - 3 kids !


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Well after this evenings effort, I reckon I have 3 kids to give away.

After endless times of telling them to keep the doors shut, and them ignoring me, it finally happened.

I'm sitting at the computer happily looking at fishing sites when the missus erupts.

She is in the lounge screaming blue murder. Kids scattering like leaves in the wind, I bit my tongue and forged my way in to the room. She is standing on the lounge screaming and pointing at the TV. Now Johnny Depp was not on the box so I figured she was upset, not excited.

I had a closer look and there is a 3 foot snake crawling up the DVD cabling. Crap!

SO watching it until it disappeared inside the TV cabinet, I rang my wildlife carer mate, Good luck with that she says, I dont do snakes! Fair enough I suppose, she is in Townsville at the moment, so not much she could do anyway. But still, wildlife is wildlife right?

Anyway got on to the National parks number, got a few leads, rang around, finally got on to an old fella who asked what sort of snake it was, I told him I reckoned it was a tree snake, but I only got a quick glimpse.

She'll be right he reckoned, told me how to catch it, said to ring back if I couldn't do it.

So back in to the lounge, very careful pull apart of the TV cabinet, bugger its gone. Thats about when the air started turning blue, and the kids went in to hiding.

So I blocked off the lounge room ,and started pulling out the bits of furniture one by one. Luckily after an hour or so (its my wifes storage for everything she ever bought) I finally came across the snake under an old table cover. I pounced on it and the poor thing is hanging in a pillow case in the shed until morning. Made the kids clean up the mess I had made, missus even broke out the vacuum cleaner!

And yep I rang the old fella back after I caught the snake and thanked him for the advice. Great service these volunteers do for us! (well except maybe for one currently in Townsville!)

In a totally unrelated matter, know anyone who lives up my way who sleeps with their bedroom window open :evil:

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ah school holidays fun hey .

i am lucky i reckon .5 weeks no work and was home Monday .

Monday night i get a call there is work want to work,bloody oath.

what timing hey .

for 2 and 1/2 weeks they will drive mum nuts and i will be at work for most of it bliss .

maybe after seeing the snake they mite shut the door .but kids being kids probably not.

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