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I bought a bargan boat, its great


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hey there everyone me and my dad have been on the lookout for a bargan boat for a while now and on wensday morning we finnally saw what were were looking for.

so we bout a 3.5m long tinnie here are all the extras that came with it

- fish finder

- 15hp outboard motor

- electric trolling motor

- carpet flooring

- 3 shrip pots

- landing net

- lip grips

- 5 rod holders

- boat cover

- trailor

we really got a bargan and gess what everything works there is not even a scratch on the boat. so here are some pics of it.



here is the froont of the boat plenty of room


here is the fish finder


here is the name of the boat



we thought we got a great deal tell me what you think of it please. ohh and if any of you know how much this should have cost i would like know

thanks jacko

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straddiebrad wrote:

fishingnut wrote:
sweet lil set up there mate well done! who cares what you paid as long as you enjoy it!
mate i think he wanted our thoughts to see if he got a good deal.

understand that brad, but really he got him self a cracker boat all set up to go, the deal is done so, dont worry about price any more and enjoy pulling some fish from your new rig :)

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