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friday few more fish

Tiny Tin

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not sure what the weather was doing so stayed in bed til 6am. loaded the boat and dragged it to the boat ramp..weather looked good almost too good. we set off across the bay and were soon throwing our fish bait into the water..bang first drop a nice lizard. 5 minutes later a bit of a touch and bang on again this time a sweetlip. things went dead then and we moved all over the place. caught a few undersize bream..snaps and sweeties but nothing doing really. on spot 65 get another touch and a decent sized sweetlip hits the boat..it basically went on like this all morning. but we slowly put a feed together. as things were getting boring i had a nibble..tap tap..jeeze bloody picker..so i gave him a quick flick...boom off goes the reel..screaming..no chance of a strike just flew off..turn it's head and fired off in the other direction i managed to slow him..for a sec..then it just loaded up and flew..martin jumps up says i'll get the pick..don't think ya gonna make it..then a thump..thump and limp line. we reckon it was a snap would've been a good..oh well next time eh..lol ;) after that we continued fishing here and there then the wind picked up..somehow we started pulling up moses perch..good ones for the bay 28cm the biggest..i threw it back before realising their legal size is 25cm (on the sticker)..bugger good chewing them fish. so there you have it..if seabreeze etc had been on the ball would've been out before sun up..but we did alright in the end :)friday_fish_AFO.jpg

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