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Another Bulimba Threadie!


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G'day All,

Tides were looking great for an afternoon fish today, so I headed off to Bulimba Yacht Club. I arrived at about 1330, and after cutting off about 30m of tangled braid from my last session, and netting some poddy mullet, I finally got a line in at 1400. It was an interesting experience from the start, as my livies kept getting taken, luckily there was lots of bait around! After a time, the family came down for a spell, and it wasn't long after that my rod took a big dip and the drag started zipping out. Within a few seconds of picking it up, I realised I had a stingray on the end (I have been quite the slayer of stingrays lately, every time I've gone out recently, I have pulled at least one in!) :unsure:

The afternoon crept by, and I got some time to break in my new castnet. Dusk came along with a fantastic sunset and this was also the time that more of my baits started getting bitten off. As the sun dipped below the horizon, I happened to be looking at my rod when it took a light hit quickly followed by big ones. As soon as I picked the rod up this time, I knew it wasn't a ray, as this thing was moving and head-shaking a great deal! A smile lit up my dial as I started reeling it in, slowly moving towards the boat ramp and avoiding the rockwall. The fight didn't last too long, about five minutes I would say, before the fish came to the surface. It was a THREADIE! :woohoo: It was a family effort to bring him in, Shelley once again doing the honours with the landing net (collarbone doing a lot better!) And the kids providing a great bay 13esque rowdy welcome to the denizen of the deep! Awesome times! He ended up being 80cm of fight.

We stayed for a short while longer, with no more hits. The river is in awesome knick at the moment, as clear as I have ever seen it, with some decent sun and a stiff breeze, an awesome day.

Internet is down at the moment, and I have typed this on my phone, apologies! Photos will follow tomorrow hopefully!?




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