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noobishness at Newstead park, pointers appreciated


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Went over to Newstead park today to have a quick fish at sunset. Walked around until I found this grassy area left of the pontoon with a lot of suspicious rod-holder looking holes and big fish scales scattered around so set up and set down.

If you saw someone constantly snagged and walking everywhere trying to get lines unsnagged and pulling madly, that was me. I realized very quickly I don't know how to fish high current rocky bottoms at all. I got quite a few significant hits but all seemed to enjoy swimming right underneath the rocks close to shore and shear my line off.

So a couple of items:

1. If anyone fishes land-based around Bulimba, around the Teneriffe ferry, or similar areas nearby and wouldn't mind me tagging along to watch and learn, please send me a pm. I'm home most of the time studying - just don't have consistent access to a car.

2. How do you not snag so much in the river? I was using the paternoster rig to the specs people have posted on the forums here w/ 2 oz sinker, 2/0 long shank hook, and then the normal ball sinker-swivel-hook sliding rig.

3. What lb mainline do you guys/gals use? I think the mono I'm using is pretty rubbish, but I'm not familiar with the brands here.

4. Are there better locations to fish from around Newstead park? Or would it be better for me to fish from Bulimba side?

5. Any other general tips...

Thanks very much... I did get some nice pulls, so I'm excited about going back, but just want to have some better strategies.

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yeah I dont use a sinker much bigger than a marble, smaller if I can get away with it but the current can be a pain in the river and dependin on where your casting it might be taking you into the rocks.

I used to use 18lb mono, its quite good, if your getting snapped add a 30lb leader.

Braid is good though it is also very ridgid, Brands for mono would be Berkely and platyl, they also make braid brands.

Your bait will dictate the size of your hook, long shanks are good for flatty and bream.

Jew and thready might need a larger size, circle hooks are popular (not too big).

Ryan Young has been catching threadies over at Bulimba, few people get ovet there from time to time, sure you would be welcome.

Newstead park is good at times,(I have not caught much there)

Only genral tip I can think of is if you havent got a castnet buy a packet of pillies or 3 bucks work of prawns at coles.

I havent got a boat and am mostly landbased but I have not caught anything in ages :P


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i use a sinker i call pea sized when a snagie bottom .bit smaller than a marble .

also if it's very snagie.

i will use no swivel sinker running right to the hook.

the sinker on the hook meant to stop it getting hooked up.

if it dose get hooked u can flick the line ,which bounces the sinker up and down the line snagging the hook.

thats how it all works in theory.

it sort of works for me .well i seam to get snagged less.

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brissy fish wrote:

Just wondering after reading your posts, in the city region of the river, can you catch decent fish?? or are they small, lifeless fish....


This post is a few weeks old. Tobie10 put the good advice into practice. Just check out her display picture :) Fish was caught in the areas she is asking about mate.


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