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James W

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well back from 1770 and not much to say about it..crap weather,no decent fish and loads of tourists on school holidays.

stayed at agnes water and fished the rocky headlands pretty much all day everyday. threw metal,plastics and bait and the only legal fish i landed was a lone tailor. saw a 8ft bull shark crusing around right below the rock i was fishing off, which was pretty cool to see but he didnt seem to like pillies. the next day there was some kids spearfishing there and i told them about the shark but they just kept hunting around right under me! i was pissed off too! they just didnt care i was fishing,or trying to fish there! rude pricks..i was secretly wishing that shark would turn up!

did go the catwalk and saw some huge spanish macks caught and a lot of smaller ones, also a few mack tuna were caught too...i was severly undergunned with my bass set up there! :laugh: still gave it a go but not a hit! seemed to be off the bite pretty much after 9am anyway by the looks.

everynight i fished the marina and rocky headlands off 1770 and only managed some little bream,moses and grunter bream. was pretty dismal. fished the flats in some awesome looking flatty territory but not a single bump! i couldnt belive it! maybe the fish knew it was school holidays!

did bump into a afo member there one night i thnk he said his name was darcy? how did you go? the weather seemed to be getting better as my home time was getting closer. :P

i should have holidayed in nudgee beach! would have caught more!

but will be back there to check it out when its not so busy and armed with the right gear. DSC01303.jpg

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