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Mackeral Tips Pls

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the school mackerel can be caught all year in brisbane near beacons in the rainbow channel , peel island , the shipping entrance beacons and along the inside of moreton island . just set your boat so you are fishing 30 to 40m in front of the beacon and float some pilchards back towards the pole and put some on the bottom . mackerel will respond to berley and set your drags to 30% breaking strain for mono never lock your drags. i use 20 to 30lb line but i've also caught them on the 2kilo spooled line for the

bait jig and i use a light single strand wire leader 27lb . you can use a mono leader but it must be with gang hooks so their teeth don't snip your leader . spanish and spottie mackerel will show up when the water warms up around december through to march/april

good luck mark

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