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cast netting


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Hey mate,

There are so many ways to cast a net, it is just a matter of finding the right one for you. Youtube has a few examples. I castnet at Colmslie, Bulimba and the Boat Passage (Fisherman's Islands), and usually pull up poddy mullet, herring and prawns. Personally, I think it is a pretty easy and cheap way of getting bait and a feed of prawns, and the net will pay for itself within a few weeks! I am always keen to get out for a fish and net, so if you would like, I can show you my method of casting a net. Drop me a PM or give me a call, my number is on my profile.

On a side note, I predominantly fish and net southside, so don't really know any locations on the northside.



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i dont ive in brisbane but im just saying if u have never used a cast net before ur going to get REALLY frustrated when u first use it because u cant use it poperely bu try not to get frustrated because it just leads to more tantrums and youll evenually rip or break ur net it happenedto me but u wil eventually get it

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