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Mate these are all good bream lures

4†pumpkin seed minnow

3" mullet in mango ripple

3" pumpkin seed gulp live

3"/4" atomic/Berkeley grubs in any colour

3" Berkeley green pumpkin fry

3†Berkley power minnows, squidgy wrigglers,

3†Gulp minnows

3" paddletail ones and 2" curly tail

3†flash prawn flick bait

3" Atomic prong

2†Gulp shrimp

Atomic Prongs in the 2 & 3 inch - Clear Copper Flake, Pumpkin/Holo

Gulp 2 inch Shrimp - Moulting, Banana and Pepper Prawn

Squidgey 85mm Wrigglers in Bloodworm

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