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Pine River Smorgasbord


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I had my nephew staying with us from NSW this week so I took him and my son out in the "Tub" to hit the Pine a couple of times. Wasn't expecting much on either day with the wind and the time we could head out but both days gave us a few firsts.

Day 1 - about an hour from high tide we hit a spot in Bald Hills as I wasn't game to venture too far as 3 people in the boat made it slow going. Before long the Nephew picked up a nice little bream. Always good when the guest gets the first one. Next I was onto something but couldn't call it. To my surprise up came a 32cm tailor... my first legal size one and first one from the Pine.


Soon after another hit and this one fought hard. My first legal whiting and my first this far up river. It went 28 cms but by the time I put it on the mat it had curled up so lookes shorter than what it was. Not to be out done, my son picked up another legal bream. All the fish were caught on supermarket banana prawn pieces.


Day 2 - about an hour after low tide this time and because I had 3 in the "Tub" again I thought it would be safer to stick with the prawns than have 3 of us flicking SPs for flatties. Both kids voted to hit the same spot as they had so much fun last time. My nephew was first again with a tiny bream but it kept him happily replacing bait after bait as the pickers moved in. Next my son was on to something and from the struggle he had I thought he had a decent bream this time. The water was dirty as but as soon as it came up I knew what it was and that's what got us both excited. A SQUIRE!!!! Here in bald Hills!!! It was only 28cms but it was the fist one either of us ever caught.


My son has always wanted to catch a snapper and now he has. We are still scratching our heads about catching one that far up river in such dirty water. About an hour passed with lots of little bream and something that kept pulling on my line but letting go. Then the last fish landed for the day was another first for us here. A little flounder found his way on to my hook.


So all of us scored fish on my nephew's last day in Brissy but no keepers this time but still plenty of surprises and stories from our trip. It was a fun couple of days made all the more by sharing it with the young fellas. The Pine seems to be fishing well at the moment too as I have seen a few other guys bring in some good fish.

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Yeah Rocket, been giving her a real good workout and she hasn't missed a beat and she handled a 10 year old and 17 year old not too bad considering the wind. Taking her up to Maroochy in Dec but loving cruising the Pine and getting to know it better.

Yoya, still can't believe it myself. I thought that would have been the last thing that could've been caught there. I couldn't get the camera out quick enough.

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Champion effort matey, it is surprising to see them that far up river, that"s for sure. But I have caught them at what I call shelly beach. Just inside the horny bridge.... the soul is the craka for me..luv ya work. good the kids enjoyed themselves...........MAGIVA...........

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