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Logan River with the kids....


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Well with the school holidays about and promising the

kids(aged 2 and 7, I do have 3 but one's away for the

weekend) that I would take them fishing we

decided to hit the Logan river for a spot of landbased fishing

Saturday night.

Servo prawns were the bait of choice as

we had no other and it wasn't long before rat bream

had found our offerings.

Fishing with light gear and using the tide

to wash the bait around abit our first bream was landed

within minutes of our arrival. I was unhooking the bream

when my son shows up with the brag mat and asking for a

picture so after a couple pics of his fish on the mat we

baited back up and through the line back in than began

to wait.

To cut a long fishing story short we ended up 6

barely legal bream and a couple of bust offs which I

suspect may have been the better bream anyways it wasn't

so much about fishing this round but more about spending

time with the kids! My 7 year old suffers from Autism

so he doesn't get to venture out very often but boy did

he enjoy himself this time and to top it off he handled

a fish for the first time... Well Done Son!

Thanks for reading!

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