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First Brisbane river trip 26/09


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Having read all the great reports here at AFO about the Brisbane River, I finally decided that I needed to check it out. With the Saturday night free, I decided to take a mate of mine on a bit of reconnaissance mission.

We launched at Pinkenbah around 3:30pm with a steady wind blowing up the river, providing us with a decent foot chop. Neither of us had any idea where we were going or what we'd specifically target. Our plan was to get live baits, find a drop off somewhere and wait for the tide to turn, fishing with live baits, pillies and squid.

So we head up Aquarium passage casting desperately for live baits for half an hour or so, while the wind pushed us everywhere. Luckily one cast got a school of poddies and we were content. We found several drop offs ranging from 8-14m with good structure nearby and some nice eddies to cast into. Anchoring up, the tide went dead, and with the wind pushing us one way we waited for some run to make fishing a bit easier. The tide didn't start to move well 'till at least five, then it really started to move. The baits didn't get touch until just after dark when my mate got his first jew at 57cm on a (his secret bait)squid pillie mix. My livies never got a touch, despite putting them into some very serious eddies and structure. With the amount we had, I regularly changed them every hour but never lost one all night. :blink:

After the anchor pulled up with the speed of the tide, we had to resettle in a similar spot and wasn't long before my mate was on again. This time, an unfortunate 65cm of fat catfish. :S As we watched a giant brown cloud settle of Brisbane, and the westerlies blew in, the night went cold and the sounds of high voltage fuses blowing somewhere up around Hamilton could be heard. The tide was really roaring by this stage, something we hadn't prepared for as the sounder read 9kph. Struggling to hit the bottom we sized up to snapper leads(overkill but the only thing we had to keep us there), and I ditched the livies to fish exactly the same setup as my mate. Still he got the next two fish, another jewie at 60cm(and in much better nick) and another large cattie. I finished the night with a doughnut. :(

I wanted to fish 'till the dead of low tide, but we'll pulled the pin at 11 with the tide still roaring out. A good night none the less(better for my mate), and I learnt a bit. I'll be back. Here's the pictures of my mates fish.




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sounds like a ok night for a first river try.

ok the donuts for u suck but your mate did good ,nice big catty and jews.

can't complain about that :)

maybe u suffer form the same thing as me .

most times i take a mate or bro out the they get the fish i get a doughnut .

i like taking out new mates or my family .

then i get a fish or a few ,even if they are crap .

but better than a doughnut.

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