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Gold Coast Canals session...


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Hi All,

Not an amazing one to report.. Headed out in the Goldy canals around 3am on Saturday morning hoping the water may have warmed up enough for a Jack. No action unfortunately until just after day break when I was smacked on the surface by what I was hoping to be a little Jack but what turned out to be a new pb 34 cm Breambo.. Needless to say on 20lb braid and 20lb leader it wasn't very sporting. Switched back to the light gear after that and chased Bream around the pontoons. Ended up with 6 in total ranging from 34 to about 8cm long. Mostly taken on the surface and lightly weighted plastics. Sorry I dont own a lie detector mat so you'll just haveto take my word for it. I have a sticker ruler on the side of my canoe that came free with the paper :) Also went to throw afew poppers land based at sunset with my girlfriend where she managed to snag a little flatty on plastics.

Fun day.

Chris Big_Bream_AFO.jpg

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