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Fishing Wellington Point Jetty


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Hey guys,

Going fishing with a mate of mine at Wellington Point Jetty tomorrow night. Just wondering how its fishing at the moment and what kind of fish can be caught off it? Im going to be taking everything from plastics to blades, hard bodies and srface but having never fished there i have no idea what kind of things i should be trying/using.

Cheers Brandan

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As you drive in on your left is a big sand bar, at a good high the water comes up over it.

to the far left of the channel in between the bar and the land you can catch bream and whiting (ocasional sweetlips) at high in the evening, I would use 8lb line, smallish long shank and worms or some peeled prawns lightly weighted and thrown into the channel or deep areas.

As you get onto the jetty there are rocks on your left, in between these rocks and the jetty is a spot where squid are commonly caught, just a tip to keep an eye out there, you can catch them anywhere on the jetty.


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