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Hi all,

A few mates from uni and I over the last few weeks have decided to try our hands at some fishing around areas we live, with no more experience than the fondly remembered occasional childhood dabble. We needless to say have not had a lot of luck!

So far we have been fishing with only deadbait, predominantly prawns, and have been to Bulimba, Graceville and the park by Indooroopilly golf course. So far, in three weeks of fishing basically every afternoon and evening, we have had flat zero luck at Bulimba, had 2 very small Bream at Graceville and a couple of little catties and an eel at Indro, so we continually tell ourselves "fishing isn't about catching fish, it's about good times with good friends!", and that, with the idea that we must have some luck soon, keeps us fishing! :laugh:

We had a crack at cast-netting the other day at Graceville also, after giving up at William Gunn Jetty in Manly because it was so damn windy! In the last couple of days of fishing at Graceville we were amazed by the amounts of little baitfish that were jumping out of the water around the pontoon, but on Sunday it was dead still and our castnet came up empty (not that our casting of it was very good at all. Its hard! :unsure: ), so our foolproof plan of using livebait was another epic failure to add to our list of fishing (un)achievements! B)

We've been aiming to fish around hightide as much as it fits in with our uni times and work. Are patience and practice our best weapons here? Or should we try new places/times/baits etc?

HELP! haha. :blush:



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Mate id say patience and practice are always your best weapons, when first starting out anyway.

Get that cast netting down. Live baits do seem to make a big difference in the river. Although anything out there is better than nothing, so if cant get livies, those super market green prawns are still worth casting.

With summer warming up there should hopefully be a few more active sharks around as well. So locations like Graceville and Indooroopilly by the gold course would make perfectly good places to target these.

I am far from a river expert so ill leave it at that, but have a good read through the river reports. A lot of guys are very detailed with what they use and how they use it and a lot can be learnt.



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Something i have learnt/been reminded of recently is that everything that swims in the water seems to love a prawn........this includes myself at times............

Recently i have been using a variety of SP prawn imitations with pretty reasonable results. I was using the Gulp banana prawns for a while, but my new fave SP is the atomic Guzzler prongs in 3 and 4 inch patterns. I have about 3 diff colours in each and, basically, if your not getting hits on these there are no fish there........

Strap a big f*ck-off woollies prawn onto a 1/0 paternoster and then flick some prongs with another rod and it's game-on.......

now....i have to go and make a fish curry with some awesome cobia i caught....... l8r...

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