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Has anyone ever fished Orleigh Park at Hill End?


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yeah mate.. I've caught a threadie there once years ago (before I knew what a threadie was... thought it was a massive catfish). But there are plenty of bream to be caught... you'll find them hard up against the rocks...

If you're casting hardbodies, cast hard up parallel against the rocks (1-2m away from rocks) and a slow roll/retrieve gets the bream. I've caught flatties and cod around west end as well.

But can say i still haven't fished it properly yet..

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i've zig zaged along that park with the sounder on the bottom drops fairly steeply to 6m

then shelves gently to 12 in the deeper holes in the middle

fishing along that stretch between the cemetary and the new bridge i've found

prawns on the sandy mud near the mangrove patches

threadies mainly sub meter stuff cruise the steep slope

bream around any of the rocky bits and pilons

a few flatys on the sandy bits near the boat ramp

and the sharks seem to hang in the deeper water biggest we've got there was 1.5m

city cats are a pain

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