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Early Season Jacks


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Got onto a couple of Jack's recently down on the Gold Coast amongst the canals. First was mid August by Rory. Went 41cm. He was stoked haha (First ever). On a Manns Stretch 5 or 10


Got a second one today. Was a pretty slow trip, but we managed a few Bream, Flathead and Tailor, then on the way back, I got smashed once. It dropped it, then got smashed again and eventually landed this 36cm Jack. My first from Brisbane. Not bad for 4lb gear with 6lb leader haha

AFO Reppin'



And the little Zipbait Rigge Deep - A little worse for wear!


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yoyo: Pretty close yep

Leighton: It's the Zipbait Rigge Deep 35F. Dives to about 1.4m, when trolled with light line. But casting it would probably get to about 1m, maybe a little deeper if you wind quickly. Pretty good little lure. Works well around the Gold Coast in that colour

Here's a link for it. It's colour 021 http://tackleware.cart.net.au/details/2650490.html

Do$tylz: Today, we got 2 Flathead (both 40-45cm) and 2 small Bream. We also hit a school of Tailor all around 10cm! I got 5 in 5 casts, then stopped to target some real fish haha. It was pretty slow going today, but usually we get heaps of bycatch (mostly flathead, bream and cod) which we don't bother taking photo's of. But I reckon during summer it will go off :)

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pinkey wrote:

Nice fish there, how was the fight on bream gear? more similar to a cod, big bream or trevally? speaking of trevally, any around?

Nothing like a Cod; they 'wobble' too much :D haha The Jack I landed (and others we've hooked) have had the power and speed of a Trevally, but the fighting style of a Bream. So, they'll go fast, but not for too long, and they'll hang under the kayak for a while after you've got them out of the structure (this time, a large rock).

re the Trevally; none. Which was disappointing because that's what we were mainly targeting :S

free2rome: Judgeing by your report, you've got some great fish up there, but yes, we are extremely lucky down here

Thanks guys :)

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