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lil coomera jew..


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well after being sick this morning and un able to work , i spent the day at home resting and having a sleep. until about 3pm i decided enough of sitting around and i loaded the boat up and headed down the coomera. i trolled for about half an hour without a result, i noticed the bait schools every where and decided its time to throw the cast net. 2 cast later and i had 4 mullet and a heap of herring. so i dropped anchor on top of a massive bait school on the sounder and deployed a mullet for sharks on the heavy rod and a herring on a new live fibre blade 4kg baitcaster rod i picked up for 50 bucks from stash converters , un used brand new!! :) i all so picked up a abu baitcaster for 29 bucks and threw it on the rod and spooled it up with 4kg pretest. while i waited for the lives to go off i flicked some soft plastics and a chrome slug around for zero result. after about ten minutes the new rod buckled over , after a nice lil fight i boated a 55cm lil jewie :) :woohoo: woohoo i had broken the drought after 4 dud trips over the last month . all though not a big fish it was still good to get a battle ,a few quick pics and i put the lil fella back. a reset another herring and ten minutes later i got another run and a short battle before pulling the herring out of its gob :( some nice lil teeth marks like that of another jew. it was dark by now and i called it quits and headed home...


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