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Tweed Heads Whiting


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G day All.

I have this week off work due to lack of materials. So i decided to pick up my old man and take him for a fish. He has had some health problems of late, and nothing cheers him up then a fish and a feed of whiting.

So off we went down south to our fav whiting spot. We always fish the high tide at this certain place, But high tide was at sparrow fart. So we went in hoping that we would get onto a few in the meanwhile.

After about an hour and nothing but a few small nibbles. We decided to head out for lunch and wait for the tide to come.

Come 3pm the tide was on its way! So out got the live blood worms! Within a few mins the old boy was on! up he pulls a fat healthy 28cm whiting! bueaty. Straight on ice it went. Few mis latter the old boy was on again. Another whiting arround simmilar size. Next it was my time, In comes another legal whiting. It had seemed we had them on the chew!

After about 2 hours we had bagged 13 legal whiting! Dad got an absolute corker at 35cm and it was fat as i have ever seen.

Here a few pics of the haul.


Dads Biggin


Another one


Cheers Matty

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