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Gold Coast Bassing Part2..


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Well guys I'm back from another spectacular day on the

water fishin! Hit the water just before 5am this morning

and was greeted with a heavy mist and like glass

conditions. Proceeded to spot X for some early

morning lovin' and it wasn't long before I had tickled

the fancy of a few Bass with the trusty G-vibe.

Nailed them hard managing 7 Bass landed by 6:09am no real

size to them most averaging in the early 30's.

The 2 better Bass of the group both inhaled the vibe

on the drop compared to the rest which preferred to

splash me taking the lure right at the yak.

Becoming bored with the G-vibe I switched lures around

a couple of times moving between Sp's and poppers with mixed

results. Water must be warming up abit as the rats are getting

eager to slap a lure of the surface. Still working with the

popper I dropped a nice little cast in behind a couple

of fallen trees and to my surprise a dirty rotten carp decided it was brekky.

The Carp didn't take to well to me reefing it over a

stack of timber nor did my 6lbs line but it all hung

in there long enough for me to land it, measured it up 50cm's on the nose!

Paddled around for awhile before calling it a day with 12 Bass in total and 1 rotten carp.

All bass were released back to their homes and the carp went to a new one!

Another great bass session!

Thanks for reading!!

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