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help me catch a fish please!! :(


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Hi all

So ive been reading through this forum for quite some time for tips and places to go. Now i understand that you wont always catch something on all fishing trips, but it seems im having a dry spell. Ive been all over Brisbane to try and catch ANYTHING and dont seem to be having any luck. I dont know if its the way im fishing, the bait im using, or if the location is just plain crap.

Ive been to Currumbin, Jindalee, Port of Brisbane, Luggage point, Wynnum, Shornecliffe, Nudgee Creek, Jacobs Well lately, and still no luck yet.

Im using a medium light rod with 8Lb line, a number 2 ball sinker, and 1/0-2/0 sized hooks. All i use is prawn for bait bought from tackle shop or BCF and soft plastics. I generally just cast out my bait and let it sit for 10 mins before bringing it back up and the soft plastics are jigged for a wee while. Sometimes ill spend ova 2 hrs in the one spot with no bites, and some places i get a few nibblys but end up losing the bait.

Are these places worth staying at? And wen should i move onto another spot if i dont get bites? Wat tide should I be going in?

I thought i had all this info down pat, but it seems nothings working for me lately, so im wiping the slate clean and needing some gr8 advice! Everything appreciated

Please also suggest a place u think mite get me a hookup! Im planning to go somehwere, ANYWHERE tomorrow to get me something

Ive been nearly 4-5 times a week for the past month.. and all i get are those ANNOYING puffer fishy's


X Jen

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Ok, first tip, if you are going to use prawns as bait atleast get fresh ones from a fisho and try to avoid the frozen packet ones. Fresher the better or even better get yourself a cast net and try live bait. Now are you casting out willy nilly or aiming for structure? Try in around and even under jetty's, wharves, pilons, rock walls or even sand banks or drop offs as a start. And just keep at it, even the best have dry spells.

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Mate, I know how you feel! I have recently come out of a bit of a dry spell, where nothing was really working for me, but fear not, it just seems to fall in place. What setup are you running, by that, I mean how are you rigging your line? What sort of hooks are you using? Try the boat passage at fisherman's Islands boat ramp. If you fish off the rocks there between the bridge and ramp, bream should at least be floating around, and they will take a servo prawn. Maybe run them on a paternosta rig. My experience is limited, but this spot is usually good for bream, and if you chuck out a livie into the boat passage right next to the bridge, you may have a chance at getting something heavier :)! Jetties are good, in that there are normally other fishos around who don't mind sharing hints and tips.



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hi x jen

maybe try using some bearly to attract the fish to you?

i use a mix of sardines and bread purayed in a food blender till sticky and firm!

works great for bream! (throw balls out)

there is a good spot near jacobs well called little rockey point! there is a prawn farm next to it and seems to produce good flatties and bream!

you can back the car up and fish from the boot/back!

get your bait from the gem bait and tackle and dont bother getting to many prawns!

try some of there fresh live yabbies and blood worms if its bream ya want or get some pilchard as a very good all rounder witch will catch all sorts of species inc bream!

not far from this spot is the powerlines. (boats only) here i use a 1/0 hook on a 40cm 15lb leader going to a swivell with a running ball sinker on the main line!

i throw on a whole pilly and strike on the 3rd bite or when ya fell em take it!

i have had all sorts of fish on this setup!

hope this helps

cheers Ian

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try downsizing your hooks. if you are getting bites but not hooking up it may be because the fish in the area are too small to get a 1/0 in their gob. perhaps a size 2 hook would be worth a go.

Sinker should be just big enough to get your bait to the intended area. the lighter you can fish, the more chance you have of feeling the bite and converting it to dinner (or a photo)

if you are getting no nibbles at all, either the fish are not there, or they are not feeding.

Try working fishing sessions around tide times and sunrise/set.

I have found that fishing the hour either side of high or low tide to be a good time.

If you can get out of bed early enough, dawn is a natural time for (most) fish to feed, as is dusk (if you are a night person!)

Another tip is burley. The more fish you can bring to your area the better your chance of catching one. Commercial pellet mixes are better than nothing, but it always pays to use bits of what you are fishing with as part of the burley. ie if you are using prawns for bait, cut some of them into smaller peices and feed them out into the water, letting the current take them to where your bait is.

the idea is that fish will pick up the small pieces and follow the "trail" back to your bait.

as mentioned by others, live baits are great if you can get them, but many a fish has fallen to a frozen prawn ;)

once you have located the fish (are getting bites or catching them) on bait, then you will be more confident to have a go at lures...but that is another kettle of imitation fish :).

hook up with some more experienced fishos for a session or two...it's a great way to learn.


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when i was there i was using size 4 gamakatsu hooks. i just used enough shrimp to cover the hook. also the bait i used was from the asian market in inala(bay shrimp) 8.99 a kilo. id seperate them into smaller containers then freeze them for the next day. i admit i did catch heaps of baby bream. but i did get a 34cm bream and several just above the 24cm mark. also whiting and some flatty's. dont like whiting much but the bream reminded me of tilapia. what type of rig are you using? a hi low? or a carolina rig? how long is your leader?

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