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Austackle Report Of The Month - Judging Criteria


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Hey everyone,

In response to a few queries on how these reports will be judged by the judging panel, a list of criteria has been made below:

* Quality Of Writing.

* Quality Of Fish Caught.

* Quality Of Photo's.

* Quality of information in the report.

* Entertainment value.

* Members overall report contribution.

We also do take into account the "Reasons For Nomination" that the voter has listed.

Entry Process: Reports are to be made in the relevant “Fishing Reports” section of the AFO Forum. For example, a report from the Noosa River is to be made in the “North Coast Reports” section and a report from Hinze Dam is to be made in “The Lakes Reports” section. A new Topic has been created under “Competitions” called “Report Of The Month Nominations”. Each month admin will create a thread stating the month and year. If there is a report you would like to nominate for Report Of The Month, please make it in this thread using the following format:


Date Of Report:

URL Link:

Members can nominate their own reports in this way as we understand some will go to great efforts with their reports to have a shot at the prize provided by Austackle.

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Do the spell police have a say in this or is it more based on the story rather than the grammar?

You KNOW the reason why i am asking this ! lol

I know what you mean Orca - I used to write: my hobbies include - cooking small children.

Now I know that I should write: My hobbies include - cooking small children and leaving out punctuation marks.

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