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Camerons rocks? Lower Brisbane River Northside


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G'day all like minded people,

I was wondering if anyone could be so kind as to tell me where is Camerons rocks on the Brisbane river Hamilton stretch?

I confess to fishing from a wharf with a sign that is against me doing so.

After several attack of the guilts, I have decided to search for a Legal alternative.

I am looking to catch decent sized fish, or at least get a look at what I had hooked,

I don't use gaffs or a net. Just there for the satisfaction of the fight, win or lose!

I will be fishing 30-50 lbs on live prawns and herring etc.

A PM would be great, I work late every second week so all of my fishing will be after 11pm.

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camerons rocks are back toward the city from bretts wharf (the place you were fishing with a no fishing sign) along k.s drive. opposite the BP station you will see a small parkland area, camerons rocks reserve is right there and you can walk down onto the rocks

honestly, dont worry about fishing at bretts wharf. the sign should say "no littering", as thats the behaviour that is discouraged. i used to fish that place all the time before i got a boat, make sure you leave it cleaner than when you arrived and nobody at all is going to have a problem. you may occasionally have to pull your lines in if a party boat wants to dock, thats the only issue.

have never had a party boat crew be anything but friendly when i fished there as well

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Thanks Nadders!

I will be fishing again next week post 2300 at Bretts.

I will be shooting for just before and after the Low Tide I think,

I believe the current plays a big part in how well This place performs..

I think small shifts work better for me, how about you?

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