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GFAA Awards - SCGFC Top Club Again.


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SCGFC - John Obrien Trophy Winners 2008-2009 (Highest Tag & Release GFAA Point Scoring Club - SCGFC - 132,579pts (367 tagged fish)

Sir Garrick Agnew Trophy Winners 2008-2009 (Awarded to the angler tagging and releasing the most billfish in Australian waters)

3rd - Jeff Oates (SCGFC) 23 billfish

2nd - Barry Alty (GCGFC) 27 billfish

1st - Jay Graham (SCGFC) 38 billfish

Tailored Marine Trophy 2008-2009 (Highest Point Scoring Boat in Australian Waters)

Equal 3rd - Askari (SCGFC) and Tanjian (SCGFC) 15,200 points - 38fish

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