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Goodna / Priors Pocket saterday 3/10


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well we got down there 11:30 fished till 5 pm.

me, Paul and trystyn end up fishing .

we just used bait .

old stinky servo prawns ,nice and black used refrozen and used again.

mullet strips and pillies.

fished the left side of the mouth of priors pocket lagoon,from just inside the lagoon to the mouth on the river .

first on was me with a 70 cm pike eel


then paul with a 24 cm bream


then me with a catfish


then trystyn with a catfish


and then another catfish


then paul with a 25 cm bream


then paul with a catfish


then trystyn with a catfish


then me with a catfish


then trystyn with a catfish


so we where entertained for the afternoon.

brag mat shot of bream 2 .


kept the pike for dead shark bait .ok shark bait yeah ?

the catfish and bream went back .

thought of it after but should of kept the bream for the crab pots.

but did put a catty out as shark bait .

let it swim right out into the river ,but no hits :(

so after 4 hrs he went free too.

about 4 hrs after high tide it was just bait fish and catfish heaps of them .

saw a few big mullet jumping ,got me a bit excited as i wonder whats chasing them .

heap of bait fish about .

we missed about 10 hookups,the drag was running.

either on the phone , unhook or baiting rods or just stuffing about having a good time.


was getting paul to hold and showing him how to hold a fish under neath and support it .

and we did release with the bream holding them in the water and swimming them then let them go .

the kids like it .:)

trystyn as she was getting no fish till i started putting bait on for her but after showing her a few time she was ok at it .

and taking the catfish off for her that's ok.

wind and current was strong so we pretty much ,hid in the mouth.

went out of the mouth for a bit but just so bloody windy .

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mick fillet wrote:

sounds like you had an awsome day ay davo. Good to hear the breambo got to live another day as chicken frames work good for in the crab pots.

yeah we a good afternoon .

didn't even take any beer ,just fished and joked about and relaxed.

i can't even use the bream as shark bait .

so more likely i would eat it then use it as crab bait .

i think about using them for it ,but just can't bring myself to do it .

yeah fishing_hardcore

it a spot that has some potential i reckon.

we will def go there more so close ,cost me bugger all in fuel to get there:)

i fished it with my bro a few months ago with plastics chasing flathead but no luck .

and went out there last Saturday to sound it out and throw the cast net.

so this was our first real try at fishing it .

catfish are ok fun on light gear :)

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i got my butt kicked too in the fishing department .

with trystyn coming on top with the 4 and paul with the bream,all better than my catch for the day.

the pike eel did kept them entertained for a bit .falling through the net biting then net trying to bite us and so on.

paul 2 legal bream and 1 cat fish, 3 fish in total,

trystyn 4 catfish, 4 fish in total

me 1 pike 2 catfish, 3 fish in total

they really like how the catfish grunt when out of the water .bark like a dog .lol

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