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Nerang River...I think.... around Pizzey Park


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Well, I think it is still classed as part of the Nerang River,

But I went over to the area near Pizzey Park yesterday afternoon, around 1800 ish, and decided to wet a line and see what we could catch

Well spent a couple of hours there, the fish were biting reasonably well, and ended up catching a heap of undersize bream.... Got a couple of bite offs from something unknown.

Threw the cast net..... Well.... Having only just procured it.... I believe I pretty much have more chance of knocking the fish out than actually catching things.... Although I did manage a 35cm flatty with it which was released to fight another day as required , no pic of it, as just wanted it back in the water asap.. And at that stage the phone was in the car still

saw a couple of bloody big mullet, i think, jump all crazy like..... Saw something else messing about on the surface, splashing and thrashing around.....

Well apart from that ended up keeping four bream for a feed for my old man, he loves bream Ended up keeping the two smaller ones because of the way they were hooked, I prefer to keep 28 - 29cm+ ones normally

My daughter and son came with me for a little while, then Grandma took them home.

overall had a good, relaxing night!

Well took a couple of pix on the phone..... So here they are 03102009035.jpg

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