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Hamilton Island trip 19/09-03/10


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Hey Fellas,

Just putting up a quick report bput what went down at Hamilton Island:)

ok fished almost every day, and i kept a dairy.

day1: 2 flathead

day2: 4 flathead,1 trev,1 moses perch, 1 cod and 5 whiting (26cm-35cm)

day3: 1 whiting, 5 flathead, 1 moses perch, 3 cod, 1 tiger flathead and 2 tusk fish.

day4: 1 whiting, 4 flathead, 2 cod and 1 moses perch.

day5: 4 flathead, 2 tusk fish and 2 cod.

day6: 2 cod, 3 tusk fish, 2 flathead 3 moses perch, 1 tiger flathead, 1 sweet lip, and at night a 42cm nanigy (or how ever u spell it)

day7: 1 tusk fish, 1 45cm mackeral.

day8: no fishing

day9 (charter boat): 1 spanish mackeral 1 1/2 meters and 20kg:O (if u dont believe me ring Rapture sports fishign adventures (number: 07 49468261)

Day10: 2 moses perch, head of a sweetlip.

Day11:3 whiting,1 tusk fish, 3 moses perch.

day12(charter boat): 3 big moses perch (30-45cm), 3 coral trout biggest (4kg).

day13: no fishing

day14 charter boat: 5kg coral trout, 2 moses perch, 1 cod(The skipper caught a 22kg cod on a sp)

All the whiting, flathead,tusk fish, moses, and cod, were caught on lures:P

Pics to follow:) enjoy:)

Here the charter boat pics, and ill put the pics of the whiting tusk fish and flathead pics up later as they r on my phone:)

Some scenary shots first HPIM3837_AFO.jpg

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Thx guys, yeah the main thing i learnt Do$tylz was to rly slow it down give it time for the fish to check it out, and yer, with the lures i fished catseye beach just walk right to left covering heaps of ground and yer. good fun, and the whiting go hard as in shallow water:p great fun, preety speical place for me now:Phaha

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