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Shorncliffe 2009-10-03 Southerlies pay dividends.


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Wow, something like 2 months since I've been out to the jetty, and only a couple times on the river. The reports showed "mild" southerlies for last night with a good tide (though a full moon...) I got there around 20:00 and it was gusty as all heck so I drove around to try and find somewhere more sheltered without much luck, so I headed back to the jetty to try and manage some casts under with my light gear. Fortunately by 21:30 the wind had died down to manageable levels and within a few minutes I had my first Bream. 24cm. 5 min later & 1 pylon down I had the second at 25cm. Then things started getting interesting. I cracked open the bait container where I had a couple pieces of cheese I'd thrown in the freezer to try. Hooked one piece up carefully and cast under. WHAM! After a good fight, pulled up a 28cm. Nothing else on the cheese so I switched back to the pudding mix and hooked up another 28cm fighter. It started quieting down as the tide ran out but I got hammered by something big. I had it under control but then it got one good dive and busted me off. A second attempt had another decent fish on but it pulled me around a pylon before I could turn it... Now I was pumped. I made another go at the spot and finally got a bad-boy turned and up & over, 31cm fat Bream.

All in all probably the best run I've had at the jetty. There was only one undersized opportunist to throw back. All of the fish put up a good fight, and then there were the ones that got away to keep me pumped through the evening. I could have stayed another several hours, but 5 was enough for the freezer & the Mrs doesn't like me out all night so the rest of the pudding went out in thanks for a smashing evening.

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